Matheus Lima

Specializing in Tax Law, he is responsible for coordinating the Nucleus of Bankruptcy and Recovery Law. He works in strategic and advisory litigation, in the areas of Civil Law, Bankruptcy and Judicial, Business and Tax Recovery.

 Leader of the team that conducts Judicial Recovery processes, in addition to defending the interest of other clients, creditors in judicial recoveries and bankruptcies. He also acts in the defense of the interests of companies in Judicial Reorganization and Bankrupt Masses in civil and tax lawsuits.

He represents companies in the Mining, Real Estate and Tourism sectors, in cases of Corporate Law, Civil in general and Possessory Actions, Tax and Administrative, at the State and Federal levels.


  • Post-graduated in Tax Law by Universidade Gama Filho Gama Filho University
  • Bachelor of Laws by Faculdade Estácio de Sá [Estácio de Sá University] – Belo Horizonte (2011)


  • Português
  • Inglês