Strategic differentials for the best results.

With an integrated structure and proven expertise in various areas of operation,
TPC Advogados offers a series of advantages that guarantee to its clients more security, transparency, agility and personality.

TPC - Escritório

National service with quality and efficiency.

The offices located in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte are the firm support that allows TPC Advogados’ professionals to serve clients from different segments of the economy throughout Brazil.

A qualified network of correspondents ensures that demands are met in all parts of the country, in an integrated manner and within the values and principles of the office.

Technology and information management valorization

At TPC Advogados, all decision making is based on consolidated methodologies and relies on the support of technological innovations, ensuring better results.

The office adopts the most modern procedural control systems and management tools to ensure greater efficiency when conducting the work, guaranteeing to those involved full access to up-to-date and reliable information.

Escritório TPC

Goals to go further.

The office participates with its clients in the establishment of policies, goals or metrics for the reduction of contingent liabilities and seeks to reduce costs by suggesting policies aimed at eliminating cases or operations whose risk and/or amounts involved are relevant.

Knowledge, experience and work.

The office has a respectable collection of processes and has extensive experience in absorbing large volumes of demands.

With its own methodology, TPC Advogados has experience in managing risks and costs inherent to the migration of the portfolio of cases, including deadlines in progress.

The best for the customer, always.

The forms of hiring and remuneration used by the office take into account the particularities of each client, always with competitive values and compatible with the best market practices.