Complete and continuous performance in all stages of Corporate Law, from consulting to disputes and conflicts, either judicial or arbitrary.
TPC Advogados guides its Corporate Law practice in offering services that cover all the needs of the companies, in their most varied moments of existence and in a wide spectrum of negotiations and operations.
The advisory services cover all types of companies, such as unlimited companies, associations and foundations, consortiums, joint ventures, joint stock companies, and include topics such as corporate governance, compliance and preparation of corporate documents and instruments, such as by-laws, articles of incorporation, minutes and shareholders’ agreements.
The work of TPC Advogados also includes participation in meetings and shareholder’s meetings, in addition to the negotiation and preparation of the necessary instruments for regulating corporate relations.
In view of the complexity inherent to the subject of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), the services provided in this area include the organization and reorganization of companies, incorporation, transformation, dissolution and split-up of companies, acquisition of assets, equity interest and formation of joint ventures.
The service also provides for the conduct of due diligences, as well as the preparation, analysis and negotiation of legal documents applicable to M&A operations, such as confidentiality agreements, proposals, letters of intent or memorandum of understanding, shareholder’s agreements and purchase and sale agreements.
TPC Advogados also offers an evaluation of the need to submit the operation for CADE’s approval and representation of clients, when required.